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Prophy Cup

৳ 25


Dental Polishing Prophy Cups in Bangladesh

The Prophy Cup range permits the economical, splash-free application of prophy paste. Thanks to its unique lamellar inner and outer profile, Prophy Cup impels the prophy paste and saliva towards the edge of the cup on a helical principle. In this way, the formation of a splash-ball is avoided and the prophy paste is continually carried in the direction of the teeth, hence reducing heat through friction. Available in a soft (light blue) and a hard (dark blue) version.

  • The Kerr Prophy Cup range ensures hygienic and efficient working.
  • This single use device avoids cross-contamination and reprocessing.
  • Teeth overheating is avoided due to the material being with a low co-efficient friction.
  • Designed with varying degrees of flexibility (soft = light blue and hard = dark blue) and in two sizes (standard and junior)

Not made of natural latex.

A modern, integrated and scientifically proven system solution for the efficient but gentle cleaning and polishing of natural teeth and filling materials.



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