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Polishing Brush

Soft Polishing Dental Prophy Cup Brush

Price : 40 Taka/ Piece
  • Made with rubber, bristle, silicon, aluminum oxides, nylon, wool.
  • Designed to clean and polish natural teeth, amalgam and gold fillings. Specifically designed to remove plaque stains.

৳ 40


Cleaning and Polishing Cup Brush in Bangladesh

Pro-Brush is a superior quality tooth cleaning and polishing brush, easily recognizable by its blue biocompatible polymer cup. Offering unique added value, this polymer cup avoids scratches or damaging on adjacent teeth surfaces when they accidentally come in contact with the cup during the cleaning and polishing procedure.

Designed to be fitted to a contra-angle headpiece, loaded with prophylaxis paste and then used for cleaning/polishing natural teeth as well as glass ionomer, composite or metallic fillings.

No nickel allergy risk when the cup gets in contact with the soft tissues.

Optimum bristle adaptation to the tooth surface and access to fissures.

  • Single use device (no cross-contamination, no reprocessing)
  • For contra-angle handpiece
  • Available natural bristles and nylon bristles
  • Perfect filament shape
  • Low surface heating




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