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Formocresol Forte

  • Content: 15ml
  • Mild touch
  • Super Action Formocresol Forte
  • HAI Dental Laboratories

৳ 280




  • Disinfection dressing of septic root canals, treatment of pulp gangrene, sufficient for putrescent pulp and also powerful general disinfectant, germicidal and bactericidal for dental use. Mummification for residual pulp tissue. Cold sterilization of dental instrument. Efficient in vital pulpotomy in root canal treatment.


  • Stronger in action than any other of this type nontoxic, least irritant.
  • Penetrating
  • Possesses mummification property

Mode of use:

  • A requisite amount soaked on cotton fibers. The excess amount is squeezed and inserted into the cleaned and prepared root canals or pulp chamber. Sealed temporarily. Examine after 3-5 days by removing the seal and cotton fiber. If required, the operation can be repeated. The cavity is closed with a permanent filling.


  • The dressing should preferably be removed after 24 hours. Caution to be taken since it may produce periodontitis. It should not be used as a surgical dressing.


Store in a dry place away from light at a temperature below 25C.



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