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EDTA Plus Gel

Ultra Canal

  • 6 gm.
  • EDTA Di-Sodium 17%

৳ 300


Buy ULTRA CANAL GEL in Bangladesh

Product Description:

  • Canal Enlarger/Widener/Conditioner
  • Removal of calcific obstruction by chelation
  • EDTA gel with other ingredients, an irrigation agent for chemo-mechanical preparation of root canal.



  • EDTA with other ingredients on a water-soluble basis. Also available as Solution.


Feature, Advantages & Effectiveness

  • Chemical action which facilitates instrumental reaming. Lubricating property. facilitates instrument movement within the canal. Prevents binding or breakage.
  • Cleanses canal wall, devitalized pulp.
  • Softens dentin. Allow better penetration of root canal medicaments and fillings.
  • Lightens tooth discoloration existing from non-vitality.
  • Exerts internal bleaching of teeth.
  • Compatible with apex locators.
  • Gradual action, penetrates easily, easy to use, safe.



  • Enlarger/widener, conditioner of narrow/ blocked root canals. Removal of smear layer.
  • Microbial treatment, chemo-mechanical preparation of infected root canals. Cleaning of root canal preparation during endodontic treatment. Flushing with Irrisol, oxygen is released and allows debridement of vital and necrotic tissue.


Mode of use:

  • The open pulp chamber and clean.
  • Isolate the teeth with a rubber dam.
  • A requisite amount of ultra canal gel is introduced into the pulp chamber or deposited directly on canal shaping instruments.
  • Introduce into the canal with the help of a file or reamer.
  • Shape the root canal in a conventional manner.
  • Flush as needed with Irrisol.
  • Repeat steps until the canal are shaped and cleaned as desired.



  • Remove of gel completely after use.
  • To be used by dental specialists.
  • For use on the teeth surface. Avoid contact with eyes.
  • If it comes in contact with other body surfaces, wash out immediately with water. Avoid treatment if hypersensitivity occurs.
  • The color of gel may be changed a bit on prolonged storage.



Store in a cool place away from light.



Syringes containing 6gm. With applicator bottles containing a solution of 6gm.




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