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Fuji 2

GC Gold Label

Glass Ionomer Universal Restorative

1-1 Mini Pack
  • Powder : 10g
  • Liquid : 7g (5.6ml)

৳ 1,800


GC Fuji 2 Glass Ionomer Universal Restorative in Bangladesh

GC Fuji II is a self-cured, glass ionomer restorative featuring high resistance to water which can be finished in just 15 minutes (under water spray). Its high surface hardness provides a durable restoration. It is available in powder-liquid or premeasured capsules.

1. Restoration of primary teeth.
2. Core build-up.
3. Restorations of Class III, V and limited Class I cavities.

1. Pulp capping.
2. In rare cases the product may cause sensitivity in some people. If any such reactions are experienced, discontinue the use of the product and refer to a physician.


a) The standard powder to liquid ratio is 2.7/1.0g.1 level scoop of powder to 1 drop of liquid.
b) For accurate dispensing of powder, lightly tap the bottle against the hand. Do not shake or invert.
c) Hold the liquid bottle vertically and squeeze gently.
d) Close bottles immediately after use.

Dispense powder and liquid onto the pad. Using the plastic spatula, ivide the powder into 2 equal parts. Mix the first portion with all of the liquid for 10 seconds. Incorporate the remaining portion and mix the whole thoroughly for 15-20 seconds (total time within 30 seconds);

a) Prepare tooth using standard techniques. Extensive mechanical retention is not necessary. For pulp capping use calcium hydroxide.
b) Wash and dry but DO NOT DESICCATE. GC CAVITY CONDITIONER or GC DENTIN CONDITIONER is recommended to remove the smear layer.
c) Mix the required amount of cement. Working time is 1 minute 45 seconds at 23°C (73.4°F). Higher temperatures will shorten working time.
d) Remove surface moisture, but DO NOT DESICCATE. e) Transfer cement to the preparation using a syringe or suitable placement instrument. Avoid air bubbles.
f) Form the contour, and place a matrix if required during the first 2 minutes of setting.
g) Setting time is 5’30″ from start of mixing. Once set, remove the matrix and immediately apply GC Fuji VARNISH (blow dry) or GC Fuji COAT LC (light cure).

a) One visit treatment

  • After initial set, correct the contour WITHOUT WATER SPRAY using standard techniques.
  • Apply GC Fuji VARNISH or GC Fuji COAT LC and wait for about 15 minutes.
  • Final finishing and polishing under water spray can now be carried out.
  • Apply a final coat of GC Fuji VARNISH (blow dry) or GC Fuji COAT LC (light cure for 10 sec.) or G-COAT
  • PLUS (light cure for 20 sec.).
  • Standard method

1) 24 hours after placement finish and polish the restoration under water spray using standard techniques.

Store at temperature of 4-25°C (39.2-77.0°F).(Shelf life : 3 years from date of manufacture).



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