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SR Shop Dental Supply is dedicated to providing low pricing, superior customer service, and top quality dental supplies direct to your dental practice chamber/office or clinic. We offer great products from leading manufacturers such as Woodpecker, PD, NSK, Mani, HAI, DiaDent, HLH, and other leading manufacturers. We offers great selection and low pricing on products ranging from acrylics, burs, instruments, endodontics, cement, handpieces, file, impression material, sterilizer and many others.

SR Shop is committed to always providing great customer service, low prices, shipping, and fast delivery to ensure you always have the highest quality dental products for your practice.

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After identifying the solution of the dental problems, you should go to hospitals for collecting information and necessary items. And if you face this problem as a new, you can’t find all essential drugs from them.

So you need to search them from online shops. Here, we play an important rule for our beloved customers. From our developed website, one can find out about every drug and essential items and order them from us easily. Our stored dental drugs and other surgical products are best quality based and we give no compromise with it. We supply your ordered products into your home and give you more benefits from others.

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If anyone wants to fit with his/her teeth aka dental issue, he/she must take care of his/her teeth. In Bangladesh, people are now becoming conscious with their dental problems. So opening of dental shops are increasing day by day. With it, several online dental stores are also opening with neck and neck. But sometimes you cannot find your expected drugs from every shop. With this, supplying dental drugs is not easier for every vendor. Many of them do not want to move from their business area. Many of them do not want to step up your home for the delivery. But, we, SR Shop, are not like them. We give our customers necessity in first priority. Besides, we have a huge collection of dental drugs. We hold our own inventory, so we rarely run out of stock. If any of them is not available, we will offer you what substitutes are available in our stock of your expected drugs. We offer several discounts over every drug, items and orders. Our prices are sometimes lower than that of major superstores in the city. We also carry a larger variety than the average corner-store. Combining all of them, our customers find us unique on the dental supplies issue in Bangladesh.

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